What is a Referral?


It may be possible that, for more complicated cases, your primary veterinary surgeon suggests to refer your pet to a colleague either within or outside the practice, for a specialist consult or for particular diagnostic tests or treatments not available at your local practice. This is known as a referral. After referral you will return to your normal veterinary surgeon to continue treatment.

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Second Opinion

You can also talk to your vet and ask for a second opinion (not to be confused with 'secondary referrals', above). Your vet may decide to discuss the case with a colleague or to seek the advice of someone outside the practice. According to the RCVS guidelines, there are no restrictions on seeking a second opinion without the consent of your vet, but the second vet will need to contact your normal vet to obtain treatment information. This is so that conflicting treatments are avoided, so it is in the interest of your animal. It is also a professional obligation that is expected of vets.   

Cardiology Referral

If you think that your pet may need specialist attention or a second opinion, do not hesitate to discuss it with your veterinary surgeon. He/She will assist you in this process.