What is a Specialist?

European Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology

ECVIM Specialist

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DipECVIM-CA (Cardiology) is a professional recognition awarded to a veterinary surgeon who has successfully completed a 3-year residency under the supervision of a recognised diplomate in this discipline, published a sufficient number of articles in peer-reviewed journals, and passed the Diploma examinations. Thereafter, the European Specialist status is reviewed every five years on the basis of clinical and academic activity as well as participation and performance in continuing education. The European Secialist is recognised in most European countries and United States.

Eurepean Specialists are also members of the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS)

EBVS Specialist

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RCVS Recognised Specialist

RCVS Specialist

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To be included on the List of Recognised Specialists, an individual must have achieved a postgraduate qualification at least at Diploma level, and must additionally satisfy the RCVS that they make an active contribution to their specialty, have national and international acclaim and publish widely in their field. A Recognised Specialist must also be available for referral by other veterinary colleagues. Recognised Specialist status is time-bound, and the individual must re-apply for recognition every five years to maintain their name on the List.